ArtoCade 2015- Art Carfunkel, Waldo and the Big Heads

Art Carfunkel and the Crew just before the parade

Well! It has been a few weeks since our epic trip to Trinidad, CO for the 2015 ArtoCade but I needed some time to recharge my batteries!!! Oh, man, I have been completely discombobulated! But here I am finally getting the info out! For those of you who don’t know, ArtoCade is an art car […]

Waldo Chicken Reception- What A Night!!

A portrait of me among my work. I love all the images but "Barefoot and Pregnant" has special meaning for me.

What a night!! The reception for Waldo Chicken at the Sangre De Cristo Arts and Conference Center was such an amazing event! Thank you to everyone who came out to meet Waldo and the Big Heads. And a HUGE thank you to Liz Szabo, Ludel Walters, the Board of Directors, and all the staff at […]

My New Site

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Cas Foste Photography website.  I hope you enjoy! I am currently still working on the building of the site; organizing, choosing and resizing images takes a lot of time!  Will be posting all my events, shows etc. on here so be prepared for future “breaking news” stories!