Waldo Chicken

Meet the Big Heads. They live everyday normal lives. Go to work, eat, sleep and play. They also get themselves into situations one might call socially taboo or just devilishly troublesome.

Meet Waldo Chicken. He’s here to emphasize the issues at hand with his own little quirks or to just play along. He likes to hide out; has an aversion to being the center of attention (usually). And he hates it when you have chicken for dinner.

Everyday we go through the motions of life, only occasionally taking full account of what is happening around us. We see the man on the corner asking for spare change; we hear our neighbors screaming at each other and at their children but do we really see or hear it? We live our lives only occasionally putting ourselves out there. Waldo Chicken is an observer; a watcher of the Big Heads’ everyday lives. He is also our call to action. Each set of images, whether one image or five, tells an individual story. Together, they tell a much bigger story, the story of our society. In this premier showing of Waldo Chicken, the viewer is confronted with the disturbing personal moments and the misunderstood/misdirected constructs that abound in society. Waldo Chicken wants you to see what he sees and make a change for the good life.

Images are displayed in the proper viewing order.

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